Lucky Australian woman wins second lottery jackpot in two months


An Australian woman seems to have luck on her side after she won two lottery jackpots in as many months.

The unnamed woman from the Gold Coast suburb of Nerang, won consecutive AU$100,000 jackpots this past June and July, according to Australia’s lottery holding company, The Lott.

“Things like this just don’t happen to me,” the woman said. “I just buy entries randomly, which is why I’m so shocked by this. I don’t even know what to do with myself. When I last won, I just put it all into savings and that was a huge relief.”

She described the events as “incredible,” and said that she “might have to buy myself a new car and celebrate.”

While the game she played, Lucky Lotteries, netted the woman her winnings, the game’s grand prize is still up for grabs. If someone were to nab that winning ticket, they would be the recipient of AU$19.95 million.

The Lott said that their games collectively gave away nearly AU$33 million from jackpot prizes in 2021.

The single largest jackpot during this time was obtained by a man in another Gold Coast suburb, Coolangatta, who won AU$9.41 million.

In total, over 130 million Australians won over AU$3.79 billion in collective prize money from The Lott’s various games.

Unlike American lottery systems, each individual lottery ticket number for the jackpot is unique, meaning that each grand prize can only have one winner. This differs from the U.S., in which large jackpots are often split among two or three winning tickets.

Despite the seemingly impossible chances, Harvard statistics professor Dr. Mark Glickman told CNBC in 2019 that the odds of winning multiple lotteries are really no better than the odds of winning just one.

“If someone already wins the lottery, then the chance that the person wins the lottery a second time will be exactly the same as the probability they win the lottery if they had not previously won the lottery before,” Glickman said. “In other words, having previously won the lottery does not improve or make less likely the chance of winning the lottery in the future.”

Glickman said that the only true way to boost the chances of winning is by purchasing more tickets.

Down Under, though, the lucky woman is not the only Australian to make lottery headlines in recent weeks.

In June, a Canberra man won an AU$60 million jackpot from The Lott’s Powerball game. The winner said that he always played the same numbers — inspired by his family — but had never won before.

“I’m going to retire,” the man told The Lott. “I have children and a very large family. They’re going to be looked after. I can’t believe it. Oh my god!”

“I’m going to pay off some bills and enjoy living debt-free,” the man added. “I’m going to take a long-overdue holiday with my family.”