Here’s a look at Fall Guys’ leaked Sonic the Hedgehog stage


We’ve known for a while that knockabout battle royale game Fall Guys would be bringing back its ludicrous Sonic the Hedgehog and Knuckles outfits this August, but a new leak has indicated there may be considerably more to next month’s Sonic collaboration, with leakers having uncovered a new stage inspired the hedgehog’s classic Green Hill Zone.

A bean-ised Sonic the Hedgehog costume initially appeared in Fall Guys all the way back in October 2020, and Knuckles made his in-store debut in November the following year. Fall Guys then continued on its merry Sonic-free way, but last month’s Sonic Central livestream brought news that both character cosmetics would be returning to the game this August – as a sort of duel hoorah for Fall Guys’ recent free-to-play launch and Sonic’s 30th birthday – bringing with them a newcomer in the form of Tails.

That seemed to be as far developer Mediatonic and Sega planned to take their latest collaboration, but players started to suspect their might be more to come around a week ago, when a screenshot looking an awful lot like a new Green Hill Zone stage was spotted as appearing (presumably unintentionally) as part of Fall Guys’ ‘up next’ stage select screen.

Since then, dataminers have been doing their thing and have not only managed to confirm the new Sonic-themed stage’s existence, but wrangled their way in for a proper look. One dataminer, going by the name FGPancake, has shared their findings on YouTube, revealing an obstacle-filled arena-style map leaning heavily on the classic Green Hill Zone aesthetic, complete with blue sea, blue skies, checkerboard cliffsides, and polygonal palm trees.

Taking the Sonic theming one stage further, the map – which will apparently go by the name Bean Hill Zone – features Sonic the Hedgehog’s instantly recognisable springs to bounce players around, loop-the-loops (albeit in the form of tubes), and a smattering of gold rings.

Mediatonic is yet to acknowledge the leaks, but with Sonic, Knuckles, and Tails all due to take a turn in Fall Guys – which recently celebrated 50m players following its free-to-play relaunch – next month, it likely won’t be long until the developer is ready for an official reveal.